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Calling all Arashi fans!!!

Join us in the discussion and have wacky, Arashi fun!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We need you to comment even if you're already in our LJ community, as we are starting our database for the Awesome Special Points System from scratch! Thank you for your cooperation.

If anyone needs help with DW, check out this Getting Started guide

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Why you MUST join Storm Freaks: )

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Getting Started
New to the community? Be sure to read the Do's & Don'ts, and learn about our Storm Freaks Special Points System!!!
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Hi everyone!

Steff wants to have fun tonight sooo~ we will be streaming a concert~ hurrah!!

What should we watch? That is up to you girls. Leave a comment in this post with your choice of concert and whichever has the highest count will be it!

The streaming will start at 12am JPT, April 17th, 2016. I will update this post later for the streaming link.

Click HERE for the live streaming link.

Streaming is OVER.


To Join in the chat, just click the word 'login' on the bottom right corner of the chat box.

Just enter your username and password if you already have an account, or click sign up if you don't have one yet.

A new tab will pop up and just fill in all the required fields then click SIGN UP. After you sign up, go back to stormfreak's channel by clicking this LINK. Click the LOGIN button again on the lower right corner of the chatbox. Enter your user pass and voila~!! It's happily ever after! :P


Aha! There's more! [ profile] coolohoh is in the mood for some Arashi mixlr party! She will be broadcasting Arashi songs tonight before our live streaming event. The broadcast will start at 9pm JPT, April 16th.

Click HERE for the Mixlr link!

Same as in livestream, you need to make a Mixlr account to join in the chat.

See you later girls and don't forget to leave a comment!
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About the mods:

Hi all! We're nice and friendly people! We don't bite! Hope we'll make loads of friends here! Hajimemashite yoroshiku onegaishimasu! Jaa, here's our self introduction!

[ profile] coolohoh
Howdy everyone! Coolohoh here! Random is my middle name, so look forward to loads of random posts from me. I'm the games master here, I'll be posting loads of games/events/activities so do take part and earn yourself some points in the process! Winners of each cycle will get some random prizes! Also I'll be sharing some translations... provided I have spare time to translate stuff that is.

I've been on LJ for a few years and I really love interacting with everyone here. Needless to say it really saddens me to see how everyone is migrating to twitter and tumblr. Not that I don't like those platforms... but it's really hard to interact with people there... So yes! I hope that with this community, and our unique Storm Freaks Special Points System, we'll be able to get this place alive again. Please take part!! Ja ne!

[ profile] hoshino_a
Hi guys, des here. Nice to meet u all. This is my first time mod-ing, maybe even my first comm too. Pls be
kind to me XD
Actually i made it here cos apparently there's no aiba biased ppl to be found. Fellow aiba biased pls give me a shout out. Let's make our presence known!
Let's all have share the good times fangirling together :D

[ profile] j_sei
Hello SF members! Jessica or Sei, one of the mod here.
I rarely get active with people on LJ and I think it's time for me to be more active (or I tried to!, be kind to me xD)
I will try to be equal if I post something for Arashi as a whole but since I'm a Nino bias, please expect some Nino flailing on my part.
Don't afraid to approach and talk to me. I might seems cold at first but I'll be sure to warm up quick enough.

[ profile] jheili
Ola! The name's Jae and I'm an Arashi fan but I've loved Jun ever since the freaking beginning of time! Okaaaay! I'm not really good with words and I don't think I will be able to introduce myself that well to you guys anyway, but there are a few things I'd like to warn you in advance. I'm spontaneous, erratic, random, LAZY, and an innate procrastinator. lol.

[ profile] nihonarashi
Hi minna~ please call me Ana :3
This is my first time become mod for livejournal community. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!! Actually I’m not too active (but not or twitter, tumblr, fb i think? Lol) and lazy talking with people in lj but I’ll try to be more active here surely >w<
I am Nino bias and and Matsumiya big shipper ♡ *and hope it won’t influence my post here* Feel free talking to me because I need friends! ( ̄ε ̄@) ~ Once again, Yoroshiku!

[ profile] nijininare
Doumo~ nijininare here! A self-paced food and art loving, perpetually clueless ARASHI FAN. When I'm not bouncing to different places I give time to my two loves: cooking & ARASHI. I occasionally post reviews and/or translate certain snippets of episodes. STILL not completely familiar with LJ so bear with me. Yoroshiku ^.^

[ profile] octavialao
Cute, bubbly, chatty, loud, annoying, and a certified CRAZY mascot. CRAZY about Arashi, about Sho and his forehead. A perv (only when Arashi is involve) day and night!

Want color in your life? call me and I'm your gal! Octavia!

All of you beware. She came from a nut house. If you dare befriend her, you'll be driven to insanity! You'll end up laughing your ass off!

[ profile] steffiindrajana
Hi everybody! Call me steff or whatever you want and my ichiban is the pervert-looking Ohno!! But my OTP is the gorgeous looking pair, Sakumoto (or Yama and Juntoshi, but please don't make Yamamoto because it will give me a headache). Hope this community can make our fangirling life become more interesting HAHAHAHAHA
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Hello my fellow storm freaks!

Let me introduce you to something very unique to this community!

The Storm Freaks Special Points System!

What is it?

It's a point scoring system for all members!

Ok, so how do I earn points?

Currently there are 3 ways:

1) You can earn points by commenting in Arashi related discussion posts by our mods. (No points for activity/game posts, modposts, and annoucement posts.)
For each comment that has substantial content (so just saying 'thanks', or 'nice' won't cut it, no junk/spam either), you get 2 points.

Note that for logistics purposes, only comments made within 1 week from the time the post is made will be counted. E.g. A post was made on the 3rd of Oct, points will only be awarded for comments made on/before the 10th of Oct. Comments made on the 11th of Oct will not count.

2) Contests/quizzes/activities/games will be held once every two weeks or so, and points will be rewarded to the participants. The amount of points rewarded will vary with the type of contest and so on, so stay tuned!

3) Make a post on Storm Freaks! Contribute to the community by making a post and earn 20 points*. Please see here for further instructions.
*Subject to changes if system is abused.

I saw something there... what's "substantial content"?

Comments that are meaningful, and add to the discussion. While we certainly appreciate words of thanks, saying 'thank you' alone won't merit you with a point. Try to add on talk about the post!

That's reasonable. Anything else to note?

Oh. Please read the Do's and Don'ts post!

Members who flame (or instigate flames) will get 10 demerit points, per comment. Same goes for bashing, racism, and insensitive comments about religion.

This sounds really exciting! But what can I do with the points?

You'll get to see how active you were in the community, and boast to your friends about it! We'll also put the final points each member got in the Hall of Fame at the end of every cycle!

Top point scorers will also receive special prizes from us Storm Freaks mods!

More info about the prizes:
Prizes will be award to the top 5 point scorers, with a special 'big' prize for the winner*!
There will also be a lucky draw for those outside the top 5, so don't despair if you're not at the very top!

*To give others a chance, the same person may not win the 'big' prize twice in a row - the prize will go to the 1st runner up instead.

Huh? What's a cycle?

A cycle is a scoring period, lasting about 6 months. At the end of each cycle, points are tallied, prizes awarded, and a new cycle will begin. Points are reset every cycle, to make it fair or new comers and so on. Everyone will get a chance!

Ok, so how do I check my points?
You can check your points over at this spreadsheet. Note that the counting and keying in of points is a MANUAL process, as such occasionally you may see some weird numbers as we update the points live (while keying in the numbers). So don't be alarmed. Also, points are only updated when the mods are free. Usually after the 1 week limit for each post is up, depending on mod/volunteer availability of course.

Wonderful! I'll definitely take part! But a last question... why this Points System in the first place?

Because we want to make a fun community with LOADS of member INTERACTION. We want a place where we can hold discussions with other fans. That's why we came up with this incentive for people to comment and chat. We hope that you'll enjoy your time chatting with us, and with the other community members!!!

Lastly, this system is constantly being refined and reworked. As such, the rules of this system will be tweaked should the need arise, we appreciate your kind understanding!

- Be active, comment and discuss in posts, take part in contests, earn points.
- Top point scorers wins prizes!
- Scores reset every 6 months.
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Let's make this a great community for everyone! As such, please adhere to these rules:

- Please be respectful.
- Be active!
- Comment on posts, other comments and interact with other fans.
- Make new friends!
- Have fun!

- No flaming or bashing!
- No racist remarks, no insensitive comments about religion either.
- Don't repost content as your own.
- Don't share subs/video links with non-members, get them to join the community instead. (Membership application is easy!)
- Don't upload subs to streaming sites, or pass them off as your own.
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All members are encouraged to post and share with us!

Just be sure to follow these rules when posting!
- All posts must be Arashi related.
- No bashing/flaming allowed.
- Images/GIFs cannot have a width more than 600 px.
- Use LJ-cuts if your entry is long
- Give appropriate warnings and use the LJ-spoiler if there are any spoilers in your post.
- Use the appropriate tags.
- Give credits if using someone else's photos/GIFs/works
- Please post in English.
- No sales post allowed.
- No fanfic post allowed.
- Posts must have substantial content and effort. If you made the fanvid, it's ok if you share just the video here. However, if you didn't make the video, you must have discussion in your post etc etc. Same goes for drawings/fanart. Show effort!
- You may link to your own blog post, but you have the post the contents of the blog post here. OR discuss about something else, and link to your blog post for more info etc. Posts here MUST have substantial content and effort!
- We welcome you to share your thoughts on things, but do not treat this community as your personal journal. If you are sharing your thoughts, the post must have discussion points.

Note that:
- All posts are moderated.
- It may take a while before your post gets posted, because we might want to spread out the posts.
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Calling all Arashi fans!!!

Join us in the discussion and have wacky, Arashi fun!
About Us )

Why was this comm made? )

Why you MUST join Storm Freaks: )

How to Join? )

Getting Started
New to the community? Be sure to read the Do's & Don'ts, and learn about our Storm Freaks Special Points System!!!


The ultimate community to get your stormy Arashi fix!

Join in with discussions, take part in contests, meet new friends, share with other members... and win prizes!

Ready to sign up yet?
Check out how to join us now!


Getting Started

Read the Do's & Don'ts.

Learn about our Storm Freaks Special Points System, or check your points!

Make friends with the mods: Mod Introduction.

Learn how to make a post.

Want to know about the previous cycles? Read all about the past cycles here! Also, check out the Hall of Fame here!



Read, share, and flail about Arashi shows together at [community profile] arashi_bangumi!

Have fun reading crazy fictions at [community profile] nutty_arashi!


Arashi on TV

• News Zero (23:00-23:59) NTV

Gutto! Sports (21:25-22:15) NHK Sogo

• VS Arashi (19:00-19:57) Fuji TV
• THE Yakai (21:57-22:54) TBS

• Issho ni Utao (9:58-10:00) NHK ETV

• Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen (19:00-22:09) NTV
Arashi ni Shiyagare (22:00-22:54) NTV

• Nino-san (12:45-13:15) NTV
• Aiba Manabu (18:00-18:30) TV Asahi
• ~Toutsugeki! Hajimemashite Variety~ Ichigen-san (21:54-22:48) TV Tokyo

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